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At this point, we know of five independent Hatch immigrants from England to America in the 17th Century. We believe that most of these lines will link up as further research takes them back through historical England.  Starting with these ancestors, our goal is to connect the earliest Hatches in England with the most recent of their descendents. In order to prevent confusion, we anticipate adding more of these Hatch lines as families document the first immigrant Hatch in their line and share that information with us. We will try to list each of the pioneer lines on this side of the pond if they came here before 1900.

Each original immigrant will be designated as person # 1 in that line by using a superscript1.  There are two immigrants named Thomas Hatch, so they will always be designated as Thomas Hatch of Barnstable1 and Thomas Hatch of Scituate1.  Superscripts will then be used sequentially down to more recent times showing the correct lineage.  An example would be Moses Hatch3, Jonathan2, Thomas of Barnstable1.  Whenever possible, the names associated with life stories, photos, documents, letters, diaries, etc will be designated using this system so as to line them up with the correct Hatch immigrant forefather.





of England, Dorchester, MA, Yarmouth, MA and Barnstable, MA was the first of the HATCH name to arrive and stay in the New World.  Thomas arrived with his wife, Grace, and his two children Jonathan and Lydia sometime before early 1634. He was made a freeman of Dorchester, Massachusetts on the 14th of May in 1634.  On January 7, 1639 he was one of those listed on a grant to form a new township named Yarmouth on Cape Cod. By June of 1641 he had moved to next-door Barnstable, MA.  Beautiful Barnstable remained his home until his death in 1661.

Thomas Hatch of Barnstable and Some of His Descendants by Charles Lathrop Pack, The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey, Newark, New jersey, 1930, p. 20




(1596? - 1646?)


was of Wye, County Kent, England, and arrived in America with his wife Lydia and their five children, presumably in 1638.  He is known as “Thomas Hatch of Scituate” since he lived out his life in Scituate, Massachusetts.

New England Historical and Genealogical Register, LXX, p. 252




(1598? - 1651)


of Wye and later Sandwich, County Kent, England came first to New England on the Hercules in the spring of 1634-5 with his wife, Jane, five children and six servants. (Some accounts say that he brought his family later, in 1638) He settled in Scituate, Massachusetts, building a house on Kent Street.  He returned to England and then returned in 1638, probably with his brother THOMAS1 (1596?-1646?) and sister, Elizabeth Soan and their families.  In 1643 he was selected at the first ruling elder of the Second Church of Scituate.

Thomas Hatch of Barnstable and Some of His Descendants by Charles Lathrop Pack, The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey, 1930, p. 38-9



(1616 - 1671/72?)


fisherman, York, baptized at Newton Ferrers, County Devonshire, 28 Dec. 1616, came to Richmond Island in The Hercules 13 Feb 1636-37 with his brother Charles.  He was alive on 4 Jul 1671 and “some few years deceased” in 1674. He is elsewhere noted to be of Kittery, and was admitted as a freeman in 1652.

Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Vol. IIIby James Savage,Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1861, p. 137?





son of John, baptized at Newton Ferrers, County Devonshire 5 Sep 1613. He was probably a fisherman who first came to Richmond Island in 1633 and then came again in 1634.  He came to stay in America (leaving a wife in England) arriving on 13 Feb 1636-7 with his brother PHILIP1 .  He might have had no descendants in America since the administration of his affairs upon his death was granted to his brother on 29 Jun 1654.

Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Vol. III by James Savage, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1861, p. 375?



of Nova Scotia (circa 1825). Zephaniah Hatch, a native of England, was born about 1800. Family oral history has him landing at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with two unknown brothers. The port of entry was probably Barnstable, in about1820-1822.




of Charles County, Maryland (circa1632)






of Execter, New Hampshire (before 1684)






of Norfolk, Virginia (circa1688)