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ELDER WILLIAM HATCH1 of of Scituate, Massachusetts (1633)
(1598? - 1651)
by Hugh Hatch

William Hatch came to America with five of his children on the Hercules to settle in his house on Kent Street in Scituate, which was established on a previous visit. He was one of the “Men of Kent,” who were granted land in Scituate William’s house was later purchased and lived in by his nephew, Jeremiah (son of his brother Thomas).

Walter Hatch (William’s first son) Married Elizabeth Holbrook

  • Samuel, m Mary Doty - 9 children
  • Hannah,
  • Jane, m John Sherman- 8 children
  • Antipas
  • Bethiah m Michael Ford - 6 children
  • John m Mary Foster - 6 children
  • Israel m Elizabeth Hatch (from Thomas) - 5 children
  • James m Abigail ? - two children
  • Lydia
  • John
  • Mercy

All these children were born at Walter’s house at Two Mile, Marshfield, which he build in 1647-50 and was passed on to Israel, Israel, Israel, Joel, Israel, Harris, and Richard, who sold it. The house is now owned and lived in by the Messer family.

On the nearby stream he built a mill, and Hatch mills were passed on to successive Hatch generations until Decker Hatch sold the present one for preservation. Situated on Union Street near the junction of Pine in Two Mile, Marshfield. ∆