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Zephaniah Hatch of Nova Scotia (circa 1825)
by Vernon Alfred Hatch

Zephaniah Hatch, a native of England, was born about 1800. Family oral history has him landing at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with two unknown brothers. The port of entry was probably Barnstable, in about1820-1822.

After a short stay on Cape Cod, one brother went to Maine, and another brother went out West, where tradition has it that he was hung for stealing sheep. Zephaniah went to the Shelborne County area of Nova Scotia where he became the progenitor of a Hatch family line in which all his grandsons relocated to New England.

Zephaniah’s wife, Roxanna Nickerson, was born in Woods Harbor, Shelborne County, Nova Scotia, in 1800. She was a member of the Baptist Church in Woods Harbor, Nova Scotia, in 1823, as Roxanna Nickerson.

The 1827 census of Nova Scotia shows Zephaniah as being married with no children. His first son, Joseph, was unmarried and died in the Crimean War. His second son, Isaiah I, married Maria(h) Anne Malone, and fathered twelve children, one of which was Isaiah II, who married Augusta Brown Smith, of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia. Zephaniah’s third child was Eliza, who married Israel Larkin of Argyle, Nova Scotia.

Isaiah Hatch II and Augusta Smith had six children, the youngest being Vernon Alfred Hatch, who married Irene Josephine Smith, and they had four daughters, Leah, Laura, Lesa and Jeri. ∆