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Hatch Genealogy: The Descendents of Thomas and Grace Hatch of Dorchester, Yarmouth and Barnstable by the original Hatch Family Organization with Ruth Hatch-Hale as the genealogist.  This research is now available on this site in two formats:

  • Genealogical database of the Ruth Hatch Hale Book on the Laura Wayland-Smith Hatch Web site - Salmon Creek Publishing. Searchable lists of the names included.  Contact Laura for information on how to submit your family information to the database.
  • Entire text of the books (7 volumes) entered by hand by Moylen Hatch, available in PDF format by request; use the Contact Us e-mail link to the President of the HFA.

Historic Hatchville:: Horse and Farm Country on Cape Cod, by Les Garrick, The History Press, Charleston, SC, 2014. The village of Hatchville on Cape Cod boasts a rich history that began in 1740 with the first Hatch settler. Join author Les Garrick on a journey from the founding of Hatchville to the rise of the cranberry, poultry and dairy industries. Against all odds, the village has preserved this heritage, and today Hatchville remains horse and farm country. In 1915, Charles R. Crane purchased fourteen thousand acres of land, which his family turned into the Coonamessett Ranch Company, a model farm for locals that later turned into a resort. In 1986, dedicated individuals formed a land trust to preserve the remaining wildness of historic Hatchville, while local neighbors held the line against development. Uncover the stories of the land and the local heroes of historic Hatchville. Purchase on

Thomas Hatch & His Descendants; Chronicles of a New England Family; A Genealogical Compilation, Compiled by Laura Wayland-Smith Hatch, Williamson, NY, 2002. A 300+ page, hardbound volume. The book is a genealogical compilation of descendants of Thomas Hatch of Barnstable, Massachusetts, who arrived in the Colonies in the 1630s. Allied families who are also documented in the book include Rowley, Eddy, Hubbell, Newcomb, Burrell, Austin, Meigs, Gouge, Palmer, etc. Over 2,000 Hatch Family members can be found in the volume, along with approximately 120 photographs that were donated or loaned to the project. A color map of New England, circa 1780, serves as the end papers for the book. Each family member is numbered, and the book is completely index.

Hatch Family News, June 1965, Issue 1, Number 1
Hatch Family News, 1965 - 1966, Issue 2, Number 2
Hatch Family News, 1965 - 1966, Issue 3, Number 3
Hatch Family News, March 1966, Issue 4, Number 4

Willing Hands, A Biography of Lorenzo Hill Hatch 1826-1910 by Jo Ann F. Hatch (Descendant of Thomas Hatch of Barnstable)

The Descendants of Thomas Hatch of Barnstable, Massachusetts - These are the known descendants of Thomas Hatch of Barnstable, Massachusetts. The starting data was taken from Genealogy & History of the Hatch Family, Descendants of Thomas & Grace Hatch of Dorchester, Yarmouth, & Barnstable, Massachusetts, compiled by the Hatch Genealogical Society, Ruth Hatch-Hale, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1925. Over the course of five years of research, the database has been enlarged from approximately 14,000 names to over 37,000 names. Corrections and additions are always welcome, as well as specific proof for each family.

Hatch DNA Project and Forum information, from Craig Trout. An exciting new technique to help direct Hatch descendents determine or confirm their lineage. Find out at least one DNA testing option at FamilyTreeDNA:


Have you reached a research roadblock? Mail your research queries to the Hatch Family Association, and we'll post them to the Web site. You never know who may be holding the missing piece to your research puzzle.


Thomas Hatch of Barnstable: For look-ups in the Ruth Hatch-Hale bookm, e-mail Carl Akins

Hatch, Kerr, Bailey, and Geddes lines & Associated Families: I am willing to do some look up where possible. I am working with approximately 120,000 names and am willing to give anyone any of the information I have. I know there are some errors in these files, but for now I have been content to let those errors remain until I find  someone who has better data they are willing to share. Some of those errors  are as simple as missing a generation, or having someone tie a child to its  brother instead of father. These kinds of errors will not void most of the work I am doing, so I do not panic over the error itself.  - Thomas  Kerr

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